Natural Cures For Anxiety

If you are looking for natural cures for anxiety because you are one of the many who still suffer from panic and anxiety attacks, I suggest reading this article all the way through.  I used to suffer from severe panic attacks and my anxiety was off the charts, I dreaded public situations and was uncomfortable even going to the super market for groceries.  I know how it is and know how you feel. I had a long search for my generalized anxiety disorder treatment.

Have you had an experience where:-

You checked yourself into an emergency room because you were sure this time you were having a heart attack?-have you ever thought you may just stop breathing because your chest feels so tight?-

Do you sometimes feel afraid that you may lose it and slip into insanity?

Do you have constant anxious thoughts?

Does it make you nervous to be in public or enclosed spaces?

Do you find yourself nervous in situations that were completely normal to you at one time in your life?

Have you felt like this:

Dizzy for a length of time followed by panic.

Extreme Tightness in the chest.

Shortness of breath.

Hot flashed that are tailed by anxiety.-obsessing worried thoughts.

Feeling disconnected from what is going on around you.

A fear that your anxiety is going to make you lost it.

Then you are just like me.  This was my exact situation.  I dropped out of college because I couldn’t handle the crowded classrooms anymore.  I could not stand by and wait for a teacher to call on me for a question just to have my heart pound out of my chest.  When I had what I had what I thought was a heart attack it was the last straw. I did not want the normal generalized anxiety disorder treatment such as Ativan or zanax.  I didn’t want to get hooked on the pills. I was on a mission to find natural cures for anxiety.  Let me just get into my heart attack experience for a bit because it was the worst experience of my life.

I was lying in bed on a Monday night in April of last year when I noticed my shirt start to move up and down and noticed it was my heart.  (I have had a racing heart before but it was nothing like this).  I started going extremely lightheaded and feeling like I was going to pass out. My girlfriend was next to me and I then found myself saying over and over ” somethings wrong honey, somethings wrong”.  As my heart started racing faster and faster my shirt seemed to be jumping up and down about an inch  at this point.  My thoughts were “this is it” I’m going to die.  At this point I had accepted the fact that it was over and was glad I had lived such an loving life.

I decided to wake up my father who is a medical Dr. and showed him what was happening.  He said “you are having tachycardia”, and immediately gave me a Zanax and heart pill.  (Not sure what it was).  We were then off to the emergency room at Kaiser.  when I got to the emergency room my heart was still pounding away but it seemed to be slowing down slightly (due to the load of medication I was on).  I waited in the emergency room for 30 minutes before I was seen by the Dr. only to have them tell me it was a panic attack and prescribe me Ativan.  I don’t know if I was able to tell in words the gravity and emotion of the situation but if you have had anything like it you probably already know what I’m talking about.

Anyway this was the last straw.  I was on a mission to find a natural cure for my anxiety.  The treatment I was given just was not in the cards for me. I needed something I could do that would not leave me addicted to medication for the rest of my life.  I searched on the internet for some time reading article after article about “what is an anxiety attack” and “generalized anxiety disorder treatment”, but all I found was the usual hypnotherapy, breathing exercises, positive affirmations and distraction.  None of which have worked for me in the past. Breathing techniques have worked a little but nothing close to a cure.  the only other options were a huge extensive 30 step program that just seemed like way to much was involved.  And the last option being a psychiatrist.