Mass Fatality Management

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Examples of Mass Fatality Plans:

Massachusetts Mass Fatality Management Plan, click..
Barron County, WI Mortuary Plan, click..
Maricopa, AZ Mass Fatality Surge Plan, click..
Arizona Mass Fatality Surge Plan, click..

Guidance for Mass Fatality:

Mass Fatality Incident Guidance For Hospitals and healthcare, click..
Lessons to Improve Mass Fatality Management, click..
Handling Mass Death by Integrating the Management of Disasters, click..
Management of Dead Bodies After Disasters, click..
Family Reunification – Concepts and Challenges, click..
Social Capital – Dealing with Community Emergencies, click..

Psychological Guidance:

Post traumatic Stress and Depressive Reactions, click..
Psychosocial Implications of Disaster or Terrorism on Children, click..
Secondary Traumatic Stress in Social Workers, click..