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To protect the health and lives of people in Maine by strengthening the ability of health care agencies and partner organizations in Southern Maine (our Regional Healthcare Coalition) to detect, contain manage and prepare for public health threats, emergencies and disasters.

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H1N1 (Flu) Information

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  1. SMRRC Weekly H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Situation update (click date)
  2. Maine Public Information hotline for Swine Flu: 1-888-257-0990
  3. Maine CDC Emergency Healthcare Professional (only) Hotline 1-800-821-5821
  4. State of Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC) Swine Flu infomation
  5. Public and School Influenza Vaccine Clinic Calendar
  6. World Health Organization (WHO) Swine Flu information
  7. The current WHO phase of pandemic alert is 6
  8. Flu Tracker map of all cases
  9. Facemask and Respirator use
  10. Tools and Resources for Influenza Preparedness
  11. New swine flu informational poster
  12. US DHHS proposal to finance the administration of H1N1 vaccine
  13. More information on flu and swine flu
  14. Agenda, Presentations & Handouts from 8/20/09 Maine #H1N1 Summit - Maine CDC, DHHS
  15. Our School-Based Vaccine clinic tool kit
  16. US Centers for Disease Controland Prevention (CDC) Swine Flu information
  17. Map to track H1N1 cases on higher education campuses
  18. Graph of 1957 Pandemic Flu Deaths
  19. Hospital H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Readiness Review Checklist

    What you can do:
  1. What you can do to prevent getting the Flu
  2. Interim Guidance on Antiviral Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Swine Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection and Close Contacts


More Archived news:

  1. New Research on transmission in children and closing schools click..

  2. Lessons from the Front Lines (Lessons from H1N1 by the Trust for Americas Health) click..

  3. Interim Recommendations for Facemask and Respirator Use to Reduce Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Transmission click..

  4. CDC's Emergency Operations Center video

  5. A CDC Report on Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response – Funded Activities 4/1/09 click..
  6. Decontaminating EMS/firefighter equipment click..
  7. Send a winter weather preparedness e-card to friends and family click..
  8. Medical Countermeasures Dispensing click..
  9. CDC announces launch of SNAPS: Snap Shots of State Population Data more..
  10. New study examines effects of  Graniteville, S.C., chlorine gas disaster more..
  11. Medical Record Abstraction Form for Domestic Bombing Events more..
  12. Hospital Surge Preparedness full story..
  13. Guidelines for Epidemics: Who Gets a Ventilator? full story..
  14. Maine Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report May 21, 2008 full story..
  15. Reportable Diseases in Maine full story...
  16. Physical Interventions May be Most Effective in Controlling Virus full story..
  17. Outbreaks of Norovirus Gastroenteritis in Maine February 5th, 2008 full story.
  18. SMRRC in the news: broadcast news clip from CBS Channel 13, November 2, 2007 video
  19. Mumps Outbreak in Maine November 19, 2007 full story...
  20. New Red Cross Flu videos full story
  21. HHS Provides $430 Million to States to Enhance Hospital and Other Health Care Facilities Preparedness For Public Health Emergencies full story..
  22. Salmonella Infections Associated with Peanut Butter full story..
  23. Pandemic planning, moving forward: Bar Harbor style full story..
  24. World Death Toll Of a Flu Pandemic Would Be 62 Million Study Examined 1918-19 Outbreak full story..
  25. Governor Nominates Robert McAleer to Head Maine Emergency Management Agency full story..
  26. E. Coli O157:H7 Outbreak update (September 26th)
  27. Governor launches LifeFlight trauma training program, full story..
  28. Emergency Preparedness Planning Project at Maine Federally-Qualified Health Centers full story..
  29. Heat system leak sickens dozens at Shaw's market full story..
  30. 2006 JCAHO Hospital Accreditation Standards for Emergency Management and Infection Control, full story..
  31. Multiple States Investigating a Large Outbreak of E. Coli O157:H7 Infections 9/18/06, full story..
  32. Integrating Hospitals Into Community Emergency Preparedness Planning (ACHE, Aug 17) full story..
  33. Chemical Information Resource Matrix (August 2006)
  34. Katrina, 1 year later, Report by the National Association of Community Health Centers, 2006. full story..
  35. Human Plague --- Four States report, CDC 2006 August report full story..
  36. Midcoast hospitals propose merger (August 06) story....
  37. New Recommendations for Mumps Prevention in Maine full story...
  38. Local Health Officers (from Maine Townsman, June 2006) full story
  39. Beef up state emergency plans, funds full story..
  40. Mumps outbreak, full story..
  41. Pertussis in Maine full story...
  42. Maine Hospital Radio grant full story...
  43. Bill would increase funding for hospital preparedness
    The American Hospital Association (AHA) today endorsed legislation introduced by Sens. Gordon Smith, R-OR, and Evan Bayh, D- , that would increase federal funding to hospitals to help them prepare and respond to a natural disaster or bioterrorist attack. The All-Hazards Public Health Emergency and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act (S. 3042), introduced last month, would provide $750 million in fiscal year 2007 and $850 million in both fiscal years 2008 and 2009 for Health Resources and Services Administration hospital preparedness grants. In addition, the bill reorients states to focus on "all-hazards" preparedness by requiring that they evaluate their preparedness for all public health threats they are likely to face, including natural disasters, terrorism and infectious disease threats. The bill also would create a new public health emergency fund to help hospitals continue to operate in the event of a natural disaster or bioterrorist attack. The letter of support will be available soon at
  44. Mercy, MMC plan together for emergencies full story...
  45. MMWR: WTC Disaster Health Effects full story..
  46. Closings and Cancellations Top Advice on Flu Outbreak full story..
  47. Concept of Operations for Triage of Mechanical Ventilation in an Epidemic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After a Disaster full story..
  48. Final Report: Assessing the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Persons with Disabilities (Jan.07) full story..
  49. Emergency Response Planning for Child Care Providers full story
  50. Northern New England Metropolitan Medical Response Team, Winter 06-07 full story..
  51. Proposed JCAHO revisions emphasize escalating disasters BREAKING NEWS FROM HCPRO full story..
  52. Use of Surgical Masks and Respirators in Health Care Settings during an Influenza Pandemic full story..

    Past presentations

  • Steve Trockman York County Flu Presentation 8/8/06 Steve Trockman Sagadahoc County Flu Presentation 9/7/06
  • Pandemic Influenza: Considerations for Business Continuity Planning, Maine Telecommunications Users Group (MTUG) VTEC, South Portland, ME 10/1/06 (PDF) file
  • MRRC Director, Steve Trockman's presentations from the October 23, 2007 Maine Public Health Association (MPHA) Annual Meeting.   1. Regional Health Emergency Preparedness: Building Disaster Response Capacity in Maine’s Healthcare System....full story   2. Evidence-Based Disaster Planning: Dispelling Common Public Health and Healthcare Myths and Misconceptions...full story

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