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State Emergency Software Applications:

  • HAN (Maine health Alert network)
  • WEBEOC (web based, local, county/state emergency operations center)
  • EM Resource (Statewide Hospital Status-test version)
  • Maine Responds(Maine Emergency Volunteer Registry Portal)
Our mission:
To protect the health and lives of people in Maine by strengthening the ability of health care agencies and partner organizations in Southern Maine (our Regional Healthcare Coalition) to detect, contain manage and prepare for public health threats, emergencies and disasters.

Maine CDC Emergency Consultation and Disease Reporting Hotline

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First time instructions for the New HAN for Southern Maine Healthcare systems (58MB) added 6/5/2013
Sending Messages with NEW HAN (Hospital Administrators only) (89MB) added 8/14/13
EMResource for Southern Maine Hospitals, Ambulatory Centers and FQHC's (87MB) added 1/4/2012 EMresource
Radiation Meter/Geiger Counter Training 227 MB geiger counter image
MSA Gas Detection Meters 394 MB MSA Gas Meter image
Vortran Auto Resuscitators (VAR) training video (including company video) filmed 11/26/2007. 276 MB VAR Image
Decontamination Kits (pre and post) and Portable Decon Shower 116 MB Decon Kits and Shower Image
ISO Chamber 173 MB ISO Chamber Image
Omni Air training/demo Freeport ME Feb 2006. 346 MB Omni Air Image
Scott Pro Flow PAPR 303 MB Scott PAPR Image
Rx Air training Video Feb., 2006 213 MB, (sorry no sound on this one) RX Air Image
Bruce Bed Assembly Instructions 19MB (streaming) Bruce Bed Image
Neoterik PAPR's (NOT NIOSH Compliant) 193 MB Neoterik PAPR Image


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