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  • HAN (Maine health Alert network)
  • WEBEOC (web based, local, county/state emergency operations center)
  • EM Resource (Statewide Hospital Status-test version)
  • Maine Responds(Maine Emergency Volunteer Registry Portal)
Our mission:
To protect the health and lives of people in Maine by strengthening the ability of health care agencies and partner organizations in Southern Maine (our Regional Healthcare Coalition) to detect, contain manage and train for public health threats, emergencies and disasters.

Maine CDC Emergency Consultation and Disease Reporting Hotline

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Decontamination Training Videos:Midcoast Hospital June 8th, 2011. These are practice Decon Suits for training (tyvek).
narrow banding radio image
Chris Thompson gets the decon tent ready for patients. Decon at Midcoast
Our test crash dummy is cleaned by staff at MidCoast Hospital. Backboarded patients are cleaned of contaminents via copious water and soap. Midcoast Decon
The cleanup crew at MidCoast Hospital Decon Training decon fun


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