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To protect the health and lives of people in Maine by strengthening the ability of health care agencies and partner organizations in Southern Maine (our Regional Healthcare Coalition) to detect, contain manage and prepare for public health threats, emergencies and disasters.

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Letter to Maine CDC regarding our contract termination:

Copy to: Coalitions, partner agencies, RRC’s, EMA. 11/14/2018

To: William Jenkins, ME CDC

       In regards to the RFP 201703053:   As we (Kathy Knight and I) stated in an email to your department on 9/6/2018, we, are interested in the continued support and fulfillment of all federal requirements of the next contract period starting January 1st 2018.   I know that SMRRC along with NEMRRC and what is left of Central Maine RRC could fulfill.   

However it is evident that the ME CDC has outsourced and awarded this contract to an out of state company with no experience in Maine Specific Healthcare Emergency Management.   I want to make clear that I and many others view this as a violation of Maine State Law, as denoted in:

Maine Constitution:
CHAPTER 634  S.P. 789 - L.D. 2044
"An Act To Enhance the Protection of Maine Families from
Terrorism and Natural Disasters”

Sec. 19.  Regional resource centers and other health system resources.  The Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention within the Department of Health and Human Services shall work with health care and emergency management stakeholders to distribute grant funds provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration to ensure that the regional resource centers are provided with sufficient funding resources to improve health system preparedness, within the limits of the federal funds, in accordance with the documented local needs of the federally specified funding beneficiaries: emergency medical services, poison control centers, health clinics and hospitals in each region.  The Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention shall report to the Task Force to Study Maine's Homeland Security Needs on the results of the federal Health Resources and Services Administration grant and contract with the regional resource centers and other health system providers and on proposed recommendations by September 18, 2006 and to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over health and human services matters and the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over criminal justice and public safety matters by January 15, 2007. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention shall also report annually, beginning January 15, 2007, to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over health and human services matters and the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over criminal justice and public safety matters on the progress of the grantees on meeting the stated contractual deliverables.

This law is clear in it’s plain language about support of the Regional Resource Centers.    The ME CDC RFP makes no mention of the Regional Resource Centers and in fact dismantles them.   This breaks both the written language and as importantly, the intent and nature of this law.    As you probably do not know, I helped draft this legislation and was at all the committee and public hearings that created it.   In fact my predecessor, Steve Trockman was the brainchild of the Regional Resource Centers.   These centers were ahead of their time, in that they created the first Coalitions, which were later adopted nationally.  The intent of this law was to base the 3 Regional Resource Centers at the 3 Triage Centers and use the EMS catchment areas as the primary regions.   The RFP breaks regions Geographically and rips leadership away from the partner hospitals.    I believe this violation is unnecessary and reckless.  To be clear, I feel you are jeopardizing both the short and long term, healthcare emergency preparedness in our regions, and state, in a very significant way!   I do not take the preceding statement lightly.

The resolution for this, should be dissolution of the current ME CDC contract with the "out of state" company and awarding it (with changed language that we can agree on) to the 3 RRC’s.    I will be following up to make sure this happens with: the Maine Hospital Association, the Maine HealthCare Association, the Maine Legislature, the Maine CDC, MEMA, our Coalition of partner agencies, the hosting Hospitals; Maine Health, Northern Light Healthcare, Maine local and state news media and Maine State Attorney General’s office.

My regional Coalition of over 300 agencies, fully supports that Regional Resource Centers and endorses the continued funding that the Maine Constitution provides.   This support is repeated in Northeast Maine and Central Maine.  They are all alarmed and “shocked" at the reckless, illogical, and unfounded idea of awarding a contract to an out of state provider with no experiences in Maine and no specific “Maine” background in the 13 years of work we have created.   The ME CDC is in jeopardy of breaking up not only the RRC’s but the very relationships of all the members of these coalition we have created over the decade plus.    This has been evidenced by the emails I have been forwarding on to you, on a continual basis, to your office from members. 
It is prudent given the legal and ethical issues your department has created, to immediately stop transition and demolition of the RRC's in the mean time, until this can be resolved.   
Your immediate reply is requested.

Paul Weiss MS, BS, CHEC

Southern Maine Regional Resource Center for Healthcare + Public Health Emergency Preparedness,
a Healthcare Coalition
321 Brackett Street
Portland, ME 04102
office phone: 207-662-3954
office fax: 207-662-5139


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Services offered to Coalition Members by SMRRC:

      1. Instructions in ICS 100, 200
      2. Review of your Facilities Emergency Response Plans
      3. Coordination of your yearly facility Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA)
      4. Integration into Regional Emergency Exercises and Drills
      5. Help with planning and facilitating or observing exercises and drills
      6. Training on Regional Communications Plans
      7. Training on other specific topics including Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Trailer use.
      8. Decontamination training including HERT.
      9. Help with your facility 2017 CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements
      10. Purchase of communications equipment and other EP equipment
      11. Several Other host topics

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The Hospital Incident Command System (HICS V) has finally been updated for 2014. It has some excellent new information in both content and format. (software update -bug fixes-1/30/2015)

SMRRC Web Based Org Chart: Please use this web based org chart with the following instructions:

Use online directly from this link: Org ChartHICSV_thumb

Or download to your computer/laptop with this link: Org Chart Download (Zipped File)

With the download version, you can modify the contact spreadsheet (emergency_contacts.xlxs) and any of the Job Action sheets or your Hospital Incident Action Plan (EOP.docx). Be sure to keep the same file name and location after you modify, so that all the reference web links to that file are not broken. Use the file called (HICSV_new2.htm) to open in your browser, once you open the zipped file (just double clicking that file should open it all up). If you have questions please give me a call or email. - Paul Weiss

For the National HICS V website link: HICS V, FAQ

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Working with the California Association of Health Facilities Disaster Preparedness Program, we just completed work on this new interactive program. This is a new (June 2014) Nursing Home Incident Command System NHICS interactive Organizational Chart. It is in "draft" mode, please let me know if there are any bad links or spelling typos.

Direct online link>>>>>

Instructions for download and install on your computer(s): Here is the Zipped file Download to your hard drive, unzip to the location you prefer. To run, simple click on the file named: NHICS_ORG_CHART.htm (it will then open in your browser). You can also make a "shorcut" to this file on your desktop of your computer or put whole folder on a USB thunb drive. Please note that you can modify each job action sheet to suit your facilities needs, just make sure not to change that name of the document when done (it links on the exact name). Please open the contact spreadsheet and cut and paste your facilities contacts and also open up your facilities emergency operation plan document and copy and paste your facilities plan into this embedded document being sure not to rename the origional. If you have any questions please contact me.

    Paul Weiss-SMRRC



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These multi day courses are free, including travel and food and are all courses relating to Healthcare. The facility is in Anniston Alabama

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